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Actress and skit creator Miz Gabbie says that some of her fans have asked her for s£x

The actress also discussed whether or not she actually uses some of the mannerisms from her skits.

Actress and sketch creator Omozele Gabriel, commonly known as Miz Gabbie, has made a stunning disclosure.

She claimed that some of her fans pressurize her for s£x.

She acknowledged that she occasionally receives odd requests and comments from fans in an interview with Saturday Beats. They want me to maintain my skit-like demeanor even when I’m being serious. When I go to get my nails done and the nail tech recognizes me as Flora (another of her roles), they occasionally ask me to act out some of the mannerisms I use in my skits. Some of my followers have even expressed interest in having s£x with me on occasion. I don’t reply to these kinds of mails, though.

Some Fans Ask Me For S*x — Actress And Skit Maker, Miz Gabbie Reveals

Gabbie recalled her foray into skit creation, saying, “I started in August 2020. I was motivated to do so since I felt as though I had “wasted” the entire COVID-19 lockdown period. I recalled that people had enjoyed my performance as Flora the year before. I then made the decision to bring it back and gauge the response. Because I was more interested in performing in Nollywood at the time, I had no intention of doing it for very long. But it was incredibly upsetting because I wasn’t getting any acting jobs. I simply choose to give it a shot.

When questioned about if she uses parts of the characteristics from her skits in real life, she replied, “When the environment is cool, I inject some of Flora’s lingo. I often reserve certain behaviors for close friends and family.

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