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Australian Survivor 2023 Announces Its Contestants In A Over The Top Saga

The first castaways to be announced for “Australian Survivor 2023: Heroes Vs. Villains”

Hayley Leake, who came in first place in Brains vs. Brawn, and George Mladenov, who came in second place and is also known as King George of Bankstown, will be the first members of their respective tribes to walk out onto the beach in the forthcoming season of Australian Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains.

Mladenov will be a member of the Villains tribe, in contrast to Leake, who will be a member of the Heroes tribe (of course).

Notably, Australian Survivor will return to Samoa for the filming of its Heroes vs. Villains season, which was the location for the show’s first season back in 2016.

This will be the first season of Survivor to be taped outside of the United States since Australian Survivor: All-Stars, which took place before the COVID pandemic caused all international borders to be closed. Both the first season of Blood vs. Water and the second season of Brains vs. Brawn were shot in the outback of Queensland.

Australian Survivor 2023

Australian Survivor 2023

Quick Facts

Name Australian Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains
Presented by Jonathan LaPaglia
Filmed Location Samoa
Country of origin Australia
Original network Network 10
Original release January 2023

Australian Survivor 2023 Cast Brings Back Heroes and Villains In A Clash

Several celebrities, such as Jordie Hansen and Nina Twine, who will be appearing on the show in 2022, Shaun Hampson, who will be appearing on the show in 2019, and Kristie Bennett, who won the show in 2016, had already been made public by So Dramatic! However, as was discussed in So Dramatic! During the filming of episode 230, Kristie was unexpectedly removed from the cast.

Even after the rest of the crew had their electronic devices confiscated while they were filming, the 30-year-old member of the group was still active on LinkedIn.

They stated, “There is no way that she has someone monitoring her LinkedIn,” and hey, the lengths that some people will go to…

Kristie was still active on Facebook, just like her co-star from the 2016 season, Craig I’Anson, who was at one point scheduled to feature in the 2017 series but was ultimately left out of the cast.

According to the source, the producers unexpectedly added a large number of other celebrities in addition to those who were already listed above. They made a statement about the competitor for Brains vs. Brawn 2021, saying that “Simon Mee is back on the show.”

Something must have changed for him to be reinstated after having previously been terminated. It’s possible that he replaced Craig as the dominant male in the group.

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In addition to the skills that we are already familiar with, we now have access to several new returns, such as Jordie, Nina, and Shaun, as well as George Mladenov and Shonee Fairfax.

As of right now, Hayley Leake, George Mladenov, David Zaharakis, and Shonee Bowtell have all been confirmed for their roles on the upcoming season of Australian Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains 2023. There will be updates on additional cast members.


Hayley Leake

Hayley Leake

Hayley Leake

Physiotherapist Hayley Leake is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of South Australia (UniSA), where she does her research under the supervision of Professor Lorimer Moseley.

She is a member of the pain research team led by Dr. James McAuley and is involved with the Center for Pain IMPACT at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA).

She is also quite active on Instagram under the moniker @hayleyleake_, where she has accumulated 23.9 thousand followers and describes herself as the lone survivor in the bio section of the account.

She confirmed that she is competing in the Australian version of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains by posting a picture on social media with the phrase “Heroes Vs. Villains” about two days ago.

On her post, a lot of her family members and other people who care about her have said encouraging things and expressed their best wishes.

George Mladenov

George Mladenov

George Mladenov

The Australian Survivor features George Mladenov as a contestant this season. George spent a substantial chunk of the game concentrating on his strategy and looking for ways to get an advantage.

Because he had the benefit of Safety Without Power, he was able to protect his fellow tribe member Wai Chim during the first Tribal Council.

After that, he continued to play the game as a double agent alongside Cara Atchison for the majority of it, moving back and forth between the Brains and the Brawn before eventually re-joining the Brains.

Although he had never won an Individual Immunity Challenge and was a target or weak spot for opposing coalitions at 19 of the 23 Tribal Councils, he was able to make it all the way to the final two by continuing to rely on his strong relationships and strategic play as the game progressed. He was able to do this despite the fact that he had never won an Individual Immunity Challenge.

George is currently participating in the World Cup in Qatar. Taking advantage of the fact that the World Cup is currently going on, he just posted a photo to Instagram along with a caption.

David Zaharakis

As a former professional Australian rules football player, David Zaharakis played for the Essendon Football Club in the Australian Football League. He was a member of the Essendon Football Club (AFL).

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Zaharakis is in the process of obtaining a Bachelor of Property and Real Estate degree from Deakin University, where he is presently studying. In the upcoming season of Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains, which premiered in November 2022, Zaharakis was selected to compete as a member of the Heroes tribe.

Following his time at Our Lady Help of Christians Primary School, Zaharakis continued his education at Marcellin College, where he received his Year 12 diploma in 2008 and was also the recipient of the Terrence Cleary Memorial Sporting Award for sportsmanship and athletic excellence.

He was a member of the Eltham team that competed in the Northern Football League and the Northern Knights team that competed in the TAC Cup during his youth football career. He was selected for the under-18 All-Australian team after representing Vic Metro in the competition.

Shonee Bowtell

Shonee Bowtell

Shonee Bowtell

Shonee Bowtell (formerly known as Fairfax) has been a contestant on three different seasons of the Australian version of Survivor: All-Stars, Heroes vs. Villains, and Champions vs. Contenders (2018).

When Shonee came back for All-Stars, Nick Iadanza and Harry Hills had already established themselves as some of her closest pals. After being banished from her clan and forced into exile for the first time, Shonee eventually came back with a hatred.

In order to associate herself with Locky Gilbert, his Vakama alliance, and Harry, Shonee betrayed the members of her previous tribe.

However, after the two tribes merged into one, the newly formed Mokuta tribe proved to be impenetrable, which resulted in the slow dissolution of Shonee’s coalition.

Shonee’s game was eliminated for the second time after fellow former Champions vs. Contenders contestant Sharn Coombes backed out of a last-minute plot to vote David Genat off the island during the final seven. Shonee was ousted after a close vote, with the final score being 4-3.


Who Are the New Contestants on Australian Survivor Heroes v Villains?

Alongside the returning players on Australian Survivor, a number of fresh faces have been added to the game, and the premiere of the new season of the show is scheduled for January 2023.

Such Drama! An AFL player named David Zaharakis and a cast member from Real Housewives of Melbourne named Anjali Rao were among the details about the upcoming season that were previously disclosed.

Now, we are able to reveal in exclusive detail a number of additional new cast members who will be joining Ten’s successful show. The immunologist Mimi Tang, the former Miss Australia Sarah Marschke, the pole vaulter Liz Parnova, and the actress Sharni Vinson are all scheduled to make appearances.

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In addition to being an author and broadcaster, Benjamin Law will be joining them, as will Fraser Lack, a real estate agent, and Gerry Geltch, a pilot who survived an aeroplane accident.

Paige Donald and Matty Sharp are two of the names on the list that are less well-known, and we have no idea who he is unless he is the bassist for Weezer!

According to a video clip that was made available by Channel 10, the Australian Survivor show will visit Samoa for the first time since 2017 this coming year.

Australian Survivor Heroes Vs Villains is returning in January 2023

Australian Survivor Heroes Vs Villains is returning in January 2023

Who Are the New Contestants on Australian Survivor Heroes v Villains?

Finally, the premiere date of the show has been announced by Channel 10, as well as the topic of the upcoming season, which will be “Heroes Vs. Villains.” The inspiration for this theme comes from Season 20 of Survivor in the United States, which featured a Heroes vs. Villains episode.

This season of the show consistently ranks among the top ones in terms of viewership. Jonathan LaPaglia, who has been the presenter of the show for a considerable amount of time, appears in a clip that has been presented to the viewers as a present.

The clip reveals that the 2023 season of Australian Survivor was filmed in Samoa, the place where it all began: “where the beautiful beaches will see Heroes and Villains battle it out in gruelling challenges to come out on top.” [Clip text] “where the beautiful beaches will see Heroes and Villains battle it out in gruelling challenges to come out on top.”

The premiere of Australian Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains will take place in January of next year, according to the announcement made by the network; however, we do not yet have a precise date for this event.

Since Jonathan made a cryptic remark shortly before Nina Twine exited this year’s Blood vs. Water competition, there has been a great deal of speculation over the possibility of her coming back next year.

Some FAQs

When will Australian Survivor Heroes Vs Villains set to release?

In January of 2023, the game Australian Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains is scheduled to be released.

Who presented the Australian Survivor Heroes Vs Villains?

The Australian edition of “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” was hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia.

Who are the officially confirmed cast members of Australian Survivor Heroes Vs Villains?

Hayley Leake, David Zaharakis, George Mladenov, and Shonee Bowtell are the cast members of Australian Survivor Heroes Vs. Villains that have been officially announced by the production company.

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