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BBNaija: Chomzy is chosen by Groovy to join him at level 2.

Despite his newfound romance with Phyna, Groovy, a level two housemate on Big Brother Naija, still has his sights set on Chomzy.

He revealed this to Big Brother during their diary session when he was asked to choose a level 1 housemate who he would want to join him in level 2.

After a brief moment of deliberation, Groovy chose Chomzy. He said, “For the female, I’ll say Chomzy,” Biggie.

Remember how Groovy had finally come clean about his emotions for Chomzy, a Level 1 housemate?

At the party on Saturday night, there was a lot of drama and new romances.

Groovy revealed to Daniella during a private conversation that he liked Chomzy.

He said that his emotions were involved in his connection with Beauty and that he fantasized about spending time outdoors with her.

But he acknowledged that he still has emotions for Chomzy.

He claims that now that Beauty is gone, he is aware that his emotions for the fair-skinned woman are still there, and he intends to tell her about them.

Groovy stepped forward and opened up to Chomzy.

While speaking with Chichi, Chomzy also acknowledged that she like Groovy.

She said she like Eloswag and Groovy.

Chichi gave her advice and advised her to tread carefully.

Chomzy: I like Groovy and I like Eloswag

Chichi: Do you want to be with someone that you know has a girl just that the girl left the house

Chomzy: He spoke to me but told me not to tell anyone

Chichi: If a guy really like you he will not want you to keep it secret.

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The two roommates are going through a difficult time since they are dating someone they also have emotions for.

The presence of Eloswag, Phyna, Amaka, and Ilebaye would make it difficult for these two to fall in love.

Also keep in mind that the Big Brother Naija Level Up housemates were in disarray when Groovy and Beauty got into yet another ugly argument about his flirty advances toward Chomzy.

As Beauty confronted her lover Groovy for dancing with Level 1 roommate Chomzy, their customary Saturday night celebration went sour.

Beauty had advised her partner not to become entangled with her at the party and had never concealed her dislike for Chomzy.

Beauty, who does not regard Chomzy to be a friend, accused him of dancing with Chomzy.

For the first time, Groovy defended himself, stating that Chomzy had approached him while he was still in his lane. He said that despite the Level 2 roommate being all over him throughout the party, he managed to dodge her.

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