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Brilliant lady creates smart bulb controlled with hand clap; Netizien’s in shock [Video]

An autonomous smart bulb was created by Nigerian software engineer Helen Ugoeze Okereke.

Instead of getting up to flip a switch, Helen configured the light to turn on with the help of human control by clapping her hand.

The woman released a video explaining how it operates and said that the only sound that may activate it is a hand clap.

Helen claimed that she had to explicitly program it to react just to her clap and not to any other sound or noise, regardless of how loud it might be. She acknowledged that ensuring the algorithm distinguishes between the noises was not a simple feat.

In the video, the developer hit the table which the bulb was placed on to see if it will automatically turn on the bulb but that did not happen.

When she clapped her hand once, the smart bulb immediately showed bright light. She had to clap her hand twice to turn it off.

Taking to her Twitter page to show off her innovation, Helen wrote; ”Building a smart bulb that is controlled with a clap. The bulb turn on automatically when you clap and off when you double clap.”

See her post below:

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