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I sold my Ѵirgiŋity to a fetish priest, now my Ѵαgiŋα is ‘rotten’ – Lady confess (video)

A woman reveals her predicament on Confessions With Ms. Nancy. She joined her friend in order to make quick money, but she is unable to make the constant sacrifices necessary to uphold her charm and way of life.

“We had this friend that was living a very luxurious life. She was rich. She was comfortable and looked good. We were envious and kept asking how she managed that kind of life. And she told us that she visited the Northern Region and did some purifications after the money started coming in.”


So we agreed to join her, but my half-sister changed her mind at the eleventh hour. I soldiered on with our friend and headed to the North. We decided to go by bus but return by flight to Accra after the 7-day purification.

“There were incantations here and there in the name of purification. However, on the seventh day, the fetish priest told me there was one last thing I had to do to seal the purification process. I had to sl℮℮p with the fetish priest, considered the seal. As a Ѵirgin, it was quite painful to think that will be my first time, but I gave in.”

She started seeing results because she met an MP on their return fight who bought her a Range Rover Velar just a few weeks into the relationship. He also gave her three fully furnished apartments in her name.

But three months after, she noticed an odour from her Ѵαginα. So pungent that she couldn’t mingle in crowds. After several visits to the hospital, three years and no cure, she received a prophecy.

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“I happened to be at a church program, and the pastor told me that it was because I sl℮pt with the fetish priest that is the source of the odour. He gave a solution. He said that if I was ready to let go of all the wealth I had acquired, every single thing, the odour will go away. But I have been enjoying the money. Life has been comfortable. I don’t want to go back to struggling, and I can’t live with this odour for the rest of my life. What do I do?”


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