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“I Will Never Give Up On Love, Aside Money There’s Nothing Sweeter Than Being In Love” BBN’s Katrina

Katrina, a former BBN star, used a recent Instagram post to share her thoughts on love and the one thing that is sweeter than love. While saying that she would not give up on love, she made it obvious that she would never do so.

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She shared the article on her Instagram account and claimed that, other from money, nothing is sweeter than love. The BBN star has never disclosed her romantic status on social media, but her admission in this post suggests that she is willing to do so.

In the statement she wrote on her Instagram story, she said, “I will never give up on love; aside from money, there’s nothing sweeter than being in love.”

Katrina is one of the breakout stars of the BBN show, and since her participation in the reality TV show, she has gained more recognition among social media users in recent times.


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