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Lady’s wig catches fire while dancing at her birthday party (video)

On social media, a video showing a woman’s hair on fire has gone viral. She realized it 13 seconds later, which was the most horrific aspect of the situation.

On the internet, there is never a shortage of viral videos. How remarkable is it that the internet is always filled with bizarre content?

The internet has never made us feel lonely, whether it be due to individuals riding trolleys on the highway or compilations of failed challenge videos.

Get your fill of LOLs while you’re here, along with a couple cringe-worthy videos. This is the day and time, December 11, 2022.

While dancing with her birthday cake, the lady’s hair catches fire.

An online popular video shows a woman dancing with her birthday cake as her wig catches fire.

The fire came from the sparklers on her birthday cake. It however took her so long to realize her wig was on fire.

Watch the video below

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