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Michelle Ntalami spills secrets to an irresistible curvy figure

Michelle Ntalami spills secrets to an irresistible curvy figure


Here is what Michelle Ntalami said about maintaining an attractive body



Beauty entrepreneur Michelle Ntalami has taken to her Instagram page to offer exercise tips to her fans, especially ladies, to help them maintain attractive bodies.


Ntalami, who admitted that it has been 13 years since she embarked on a fitness and healthy living journey, revealed that it has been a bumpy ride.


She quit the process at one point, but later collected herself and continued from where she left off.


Michelle first targeted those in their early twenties as she explained keeping fit and living healthy will help them to look young for close to 20 years.


“It’s been 13 years of incorporating fitness and healthy living into my life. 13 years guys! Though several times of course I’ve gone on and off, I always get right back on track.

“To those in their 20’s, start early. Your body will thank you later for it. And you will probably have the benefit of looking like you’re still in your twenties for 2 decades,” Michelle wrote.


To address every age bracket, Michelle Ntalami had a message of hope for the older generation.




She said that there are always challenges along the way, but they should always try again and again when things get tough.


“To my 30+ and older, let’s keep going! Fitness is a long game. We fall, we fail, we get right back up! Or at least we hope we can, right after them burpees,” Michelle added.

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The beauty entrepreneur continued by urging ladies to work on their bodies as much as they work hard to earn their own money.


She emphasized that women should never take good health for granted. She concluded that one of her goals has always been to maintain physical fitness, in addition to earning a lot of money.




Congratulatory messages have been pouring in ever since she shared her tips, with people congratulating her on her healthy journey and thanking her for the advice. Others have also appreciated how she looks.



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