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Stephen Uwa React: I Paid Kizz Daniel $60K, Knelt, Begged Him For Hours, He Refused

According to IGBERETV, the promoter of the Tanzanian concert where Nigerian musician Kizz Daniel was scheduled to perform has provided his own account of what happened.

After being paid to perform on a performance on Sunday, August 7, Kizz Daniel was detained by Tanzanian authorities on Monday.

The show’s promoter, who identified himself as Stephen Uwa in an interview with Daddy Freeze, claimed that Kizz Daniel declined to play because the airline forgot to bring his bag holding his gold chains and maintained he would not perform unless he was wearing all of his gold chains.

“He said that the airline failed to deliver his bag, which is why he is unable to perform because his gold chain, which was worn around his neck, is missing. He had high expectations.

Uwa claimed to have spent no less than $300,000 on the performance, including $60,000 for Kizz Daniel’s fee. Despite this, the singer’s presentation was a complete bust. He claimed to be sobbing and pleading with Kizz Daniel to perform but the latter refused.

”My company is new here. PaulO is the one I booked Kizz from. PaulO cried all night trying to beg this guy ‘Please go to this show’, he called in from America!

I gave this person a payment of $60,000 to appear on this show. I went down on my knees. I was like ‘Bro, you are damaging me. I am trying to build my company here. You are going to damage me’. I begged this guy ‘Save my career, save me”. For around five hours, I begged Kizz Daniel at the table while on my knees.

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Stephen claimed that several of the products brought in by the show’s sponsors were destroyed by the angered fans, causing damage to the entire arena.

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