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Who’s That Fan That Sent Me 5.6 Million Naira? Don’t Come Back And Tell Me To Send It Back”Omo-Borty

Popular Yoruba movie actress Biodun Okeowo, also known as Omo-Borty, has used her latest Instagram post to reveal that she woke up to a surprise after a fan reportedly sent her 5.6 million naira in her account.

She took to her Instagram page to share the post, where she claimed that she found out that a fan sent her the money in her account.

She pleaded with the fan not to come back to her DM to ask to send it back to her with the excuse that it was for an April Fool’s prank. She insisted that what she has said is not a joke and warned her fans not to tell her they are the ones who sent it if they are not, while also wondering if it is a mistake from her bank.

In the statement she made on her Instagram page, she said, “Who is that fan that sent me 5.6 million Naira?” Please don’t come back and tell me to send it back that it is an April fool’s joke. Is this real? “Please if it’s not you, don’t say it’s you; this is no joke.”



Her latest post is aimed at raising alarm while expressing her shock that somebody sent her a whopping amount of money in her bank account, saying that she does not know who the person is.


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